Rose Draws Things

Hi. I'm Rose David! I'm a cartoonist, writer, and futuristic bounty-hunter.

I love animals, colors, and YOU.

Here are some things I've done:

Little Fox | a wordless comic
Your Developing Body | a comic about classroom films, menses, and mayhem
My Big Fat Panic Attack | an illustrated essay
Let's Party | an illustrated essay on the awkwardness of being a non-child at a children's birthday party
How to Be a Man | mostly about beards

Roger that.

Movie monsters need beach parties too, guys.

Part of some fan-art postcard thingamajigs I’m working on.

"No gods or kings. Only man."

…and one mermaid.

Hashtag Selfie.

First go with Kyle Webster’s new dry media pack

Bee and Puppycat, cosplaying as Mario and Princess Peach.

Done with Kyle Webster’s excellent tools! I mostly used his pastel brush (from the Megapack).


Written in the Bones. New comic, written by Christopher M. Jones & illustrated by Carey Pietsch.

I’ll have printed copies of this comic at TCAF, RIPE, and SPX in 2014, and you can also order copies on Storenvy.

I don’t reblog much, but this is just so fucking beautiful.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Prices way to high for skill level.
unicorncandycastle unicorncandycastle Said:

*too. If you’re going to be rude, at least do it correctly.

I thought I should ignore this comment the way you’re supposed to ignore online unpleasantness. But something about it gives me pause.

Every artist I know has a tough time pricing their work. A lot of mental and emotional baggage goes into it. In the end, with any luck, we find rates that are fair to us and the buyer. Rates that reflect our time and respect our abilities.

I’ve seen wonderful artists charging as little as $15 for full-body, dynamically posed commissions.

Guys, even if it only takes the artist 1.5 hours to complete the piece (which is quite the rush), then that’s practically minimum wage for a skilled trade.

Not cool.

So, okay. Maybe my prices are “way to high for skill level.” But I’m not going to be someone who brings prices down to sums that are unfair to other artists or to me.